Feb. 2, 2022

Anarchy & Appropriation (w/ Aarti & Noor of "The Reality Is" Podcast)

Anarchy & Appropriation (w/ Aarti & Noor of "The Reality Is" Podcast)

It's Cinco de Mayo (it's not, but Jen Shah wants to throw a Mexican-themed party in lieu of the problematic things Mary said about her. This seems like a great, not tone-deaf-at-all idea!), and Noor and Aarti of "The Reality Is" podcast join Donny and Quin to celebrate.

They choose which of the excursions from Hell they would have went on and discuss Lisa's iconic (is it?) hot mic moment, as well as give Whitney some advice on how to have a conversation with Meredith that won't end in her disengaging. Then, the group learns how to say "no" - not Quin, he already learned from his mama.

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