Feb. 22, 2022

Animal Print House (RHONJ 12.3 with Trina Alper)

Animal Print House (RHONJ 12.3 with Trina Alper)

Jackie decided last season was the only year she'd actively be trying to NOT be in scenes because she is showing UP this season, and she is ready to paaaaarty (Bridesmaids voice). Trina Alper (@jew_lo) joins Donny and Quin to recap "A Very Jersey Kegger," in which Jackie decides to throw a frat party that ends in a yelling match (and possibly more? Please let it be more - we love violence and pitting women against each other for our entertainment!) between Dolores and Jackie. We couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate Black History Month. (Besides making it mandatory for all white boys to go to Luis's warrior camp.)

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