Feb. 13, 2021

BONUS - Bachelor Breakdown: Week 6 (w/ Emily O'Connor)

BONUS - Bachelor Breakdown: Week 6 (w/ Emily O'Connor)

Donny and Quinten are joined by Know That's first returning guest, Emily O'Connor (@emmoconnor)! Before they get into this week's episode, they take time to discuss Chris Harrison's 13 minute rant about "the woke police" and defending Rachael Kirkconnell while pretending not to. (This episode of "Know That" was recorded before Harrison or Kirkconnell released their *apologies.) The trio then pick up where last week's episode left off - it's a bad bitch showdown (or is it?) with Jessenia vs. Meredith; sorry - M.J. Emily educates the guys about Heather's backstory, and the three of them discuss why Katie should have known she was going home this week. They also brainstorm twists for "The Bachelorette" to make sure it's nowhere near as boring as this chore of a season.


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