March 18, 2021

Can’t Nobody Sue Ya, Chile (w/ Kendall Farrell)

Can’t Nobody Sue Ya, Chile (w/ Kendall Farrell)

Quin, Donny, and Anthony are joined by comic Kendall Farrell (@kendallfarrell), who offers his unique take on the ladies of Atlanta, including Cynthia’s superspreader wedding, the love she has for Mike Hill’s bald spot, the appropriate amount of nudity for Truth or Dare Jenga, and the allure of the Hot Dog King. Then the boys head over to Dallas, where they rag on everyone who’s giving Tiffany a hard time and celebrate D’Andra for finding a Shaman who is also a hairdresser! In New Jersey, they ponder Teresa’s Sliding Doors romance with childhood friend slash pool boy Tony, the 80s movie villain spreading rumors about Joe Gorga, and Evan’s second birthday party where Jackie can’t keep her mouth closed about a topic she’s trying to forget. Plus, Anthony attempts an impression. 


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