Dec. 29, 2020

Cussin' and Fussin' (w/ Rafi D'Angelo)

Cussin' and Fussin' (w/ Rafi D'Angelo)

Anthony, Donny, and Quin are joined by writer Rafi D'Angelo (@rafidangelo). They discuss children and parenting in Salt Lake City, the sins of the father (specifically Seth), and why Brooks shouldn't bank on a career as a fashion designer. In Potomac, the frustrating reunion sputters to an end, and the crew debates Candiace vs. Monique for hopefully the last time, why Andy might not be fit to host these reunions anymore, and how QAnon might have played a role this season. They also ponder the nuances as to what makes a good and messy Housewife, as well as what constitutes an iconic Housewife vs. delivering iconic moments and if one necessitates the other. Happy New Year! 


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