Oct. 6, 2020

Grace Under Fire (w/ Alistair Williams)

Grace Under Fire (w/ Alistair Williams)

Anthony, Donny, and Quin are joined by Alistair Williams, founder of FuncSoul Creative Wellness, to discuss all things Potomac. The boys talk about the final straw that may have caused the wine bar fight, Monique's seeming lack of remorsefulness (she never said she was remorseful, babe,) and how she may be sealing her own fate with her behavior after the physical altercation. They also ponder Robyn's energy levels, why Wendy doesn't really feel like a Real Housewife, and what poorly-dressed image Gizelle and her ex Jamal have to protect exactly. Andy, fire Kelly Dodd!

Have Housewives news you need to share with us? Rumors of a cast shakeup? Are you a sommelier at the winery barn with inside scoop on the fight? Have feedback? Questions? Suggestions? E-mail us!

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