March 3, 2021

Granddaddy Junk (w/ @dcsupcouple)

Granddaddy Junk (w/ @dcsupcouple)

Anthony, Donny, and Quin are joined by Meredith and Scott Jorss (@dcsupcouple). They discuss the third part of the Salt Lake City reunion, including Coach Shah’s missed calling as a motivational speaker, an unlikely truce between Mary and Jen, why Heather is in for a rough second season, and finally, Whitney’s breasts. Then the boys tackle New Jersey, where Teresa would be best served to listen to the wise Gia, whether the husbands and boyfriends deserve a spin off, and if Margaret will have to answer for her allegiance to Jackie. In Atlanta, the women emerge from the dungeon into the harsh light of day, where Kandi confirms who got Bolo’d, and the boys offer their opinions on how the accused parties should have handled themselves, and Quin wonders who brings a whole cake to a magazine photo shoot. 


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