Feb. 24, 2021

Hard Evidence (w/ @ohnobravo)

Hard Evidence (w/ @ohnobravo)

To help celebrate a landmark week, Quin, Donny, and Anthony are joined by Chelsea (@ohnobravo). The boys discuss D’Andra’s past as a D-list groupie and the absurdity of Chicken Shit Bingo in Dallas before diving into the electric New Jersey premiere with Chelsea, where they go deep on the rumors surrounding Evan, whether Gia is off limits, and Jackie’s bad move in so quickly handing over the upper hand. In Salt Lake City, the group tries to understand the insanity that is Mary and ponders the emergence of a surprising new villain. Then they enter the dungeon with Kandi for Cynthia’s wild and revolutionary bachelorette party on Atlanta, where they… unpack the gift that is Bolo and try to piece together clues as to what happened in the wee hours of the morning. Donny also flexes his knowledge as a Brady Bunch stan and Anthony asks for help on a Bravo-related matter. 


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