Dec. 1, 2020

I Paid the Bill. F*** You! (w/ Emily O'Connor)

I Paid the Bill. F*** You! (w/ Emily O'Connor)

Quin, Donny, and Anthony are joined this week by the endlessly-charming Emily O'Connor, co-founder of Viridian Coast Studios, who shares the path she took to becoming a brand ambassador for Mingle Mocktails, including the great lengths she went to in order to be noticed by Real Housewives of New Jersey's Margaret Josephs. Back in Potomac, the group discusses one of the darkest family photo shoots in history, Karen's cringe-inducing seduction of Ray, and how Monique's lack of airtime is weakening the franchise. Then in Salt Lake City, they discuss Jen's controversial high kick scene as though it's an arthouse film and bemoan the boringness that is Brooks before admitting to be won over by Mary, and Anthony explains why going inside her family's church was its own religious experience. Grindr! Grindr! 

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