March 24, 2021

I Wanna Get My Peach Kissed! (w/ Lara Marie Schoenhals)

I Wanna Get My Peach Kissed! (w/ Lara Marie Schoenhals)

Anthony, Donny, and Quin are joined by writer and host of “Sexy Unique Podcast” and “Saving Sex and the City 3” Lara Marie Schoenhals (@larzmarie)! Much like a group of Italians preparing to play Tequila Pong, they dive headfirst into the waters of New Jersey, where they discuss Teresa’s obsession with tasting like pineapple, grammatical challenges in the Garden State, where a bespectacled Juicy Joe falls on the hotness scale, and whether Nono is offering high fives in purgatory. Then the boys head over to Dallas to break down D’Andra shamanic shindig, Brandi’s hypocrisy, and the scary gift that is Mama Dee. Afterward, they suffer through Falynn’s Halloween party and lament how LaToya might be further ruining a show already on the decline.


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