April 27, 2021

If You Don't Like the Music... (w/ @ohnobravo)

If You Don't Like the Music... (w/ @ohnobravo)

This week, Quin, Donny and Anthony welcome back Chelsea (@ohnobravo)! In New Jersey, the group discusses Tre’s new dating life, Marge’s yacht book reading, and Melissa’s horrific attempt at a sex talk with with Antonia. Over in Atlanta, the crew is surprised to be taking Kenya’s side on a situation with Drew, and Chelsea reveals a controversial take on LaToya. Then the boys break down Dallas, where they agree the best character development may be happening and celebrate the iconic D’Andra and her truly legendary 80s moves. Plus, the hosts share their own awkward birds and the bees stories and Anthony reveals himself to be the OG Catfish.


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