Jan. 6, 2021

Kenya on Steroids (w/ Natasha Carter and Taria S. Faison)

Kenya on Steroids (w/ Natasha Carter and Taria S. Faison)

While Anthony takes the week off, Taria Faison (@weigopodcast) steps in to co-host with Donny and Quinten, and they waste no time in judging Andy for his refusal to take a stance on important issues - all while Quinten may or may not be raw dogging his velvet chair. They're then joined by the Weave Whisperer, Natasha Carter (@theweavewhisperer), who was NOT on WWHL this week, to discuss Mary's wigs, the wealth of our Salt Lake ladies, and the consequences of being a housewife. When the topic turns to the crumbling Marks marriage, Natasha explains why Seth is not the victim in the relationship. Keeping the failed marriage theme going, the group dives into the loaded therapy session of Drew and Ralph before rounding out the Atlanta discussion with rescinded invitations, Rosa Parks Barbies and why Cynthia could never be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.


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