Dec. 8, 2021

Mary Almighty (w/ Blake Adam of "The Church of Housewives")

Mary Almighty (w/ Blake Adam of "The Church of Housewives")

Co-host of "The Church of Housewives," Blake Adam (@blaaaaaaake), joins Donny and Quin to celebrate the return of Heather Dubrow only to find out... Donny has never watched RHOC until this week and Quin's knowledge is limited to Shane Keough's backside. He educates the pair on why RHOC is the greatest Housewives franchise (give or take a few years) and why they CAN'T miss season 9. They drool over the house porn together (although it's severly cut from the 25 17-minute long videos Blake is used to) before debating who is wrong in the Nicole Weiss/Rock/James scandal. Then, they head to SLC where Mary is the center of drama the entire episode (besides a scene with Heather and her sister that may or may not have slowed down the momentum of the show) until the ladies pack their bags and head home in tears.

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