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For a Bravo Fan Who Wants to Laugh

Such a fun podcast with great guests!! My new favorite part is the banter between Donny and Quin! Thanks for making me smile! You feel like a fly in the wall of their adorable NYC apartment listening to their hilarious conversations.

The best couple in show biz!

Had to write this 5 star review after listening to the latest episode of your podcast bc y’all had me laughing so hard! Y’all are the best hope you find whatever it was in your apartment Quinn! Love you both and love the podcast even more!

Hardworking, hysterical, listen!

Hearing two hysterical husbands work together on this podcast is such a fresh take and worth the listen! Whether you’re a Real Housewives fan or not, you owe it to yourself to listen!

Love the rebrand

As a long-time Know That fan, I LOVE the rebrand! Donny and Quin are an incredible duo and I find their witty married couple banter to be HILARIOUS.

i am donny AND quin

i think my favorite part of this podcast are the marriage rants at the start of each episode - i switch whose side i am on each week because i am both the donny AND the quin in my relationship 😂😂😂

Love them !

This podcast is so funny with a fresh take on things. Love them both!


I absolutely loveeee Donny and Quin together as a duo! Having a married couple as hosts is so unique in this saturated market of housewives podcasts. I never miss an episode of these two!

Love the refresh!

Donny & Quin are the best. Listening to them bicker and discuss housewives is the best part of my week. I’m loving the vibe!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes to the new Daily!

Haven’t even heard it yet and Im ALL IN!!


I love the dynamics here, real good to housewives conversations! Highly recommend to ANY Bravo fan. MAJOR HUNNY

Cant stop laughing

LOVE THIS. I can’t get enough of the hilarious personal opinions I LIVEEEEEEE

Lots of laughs

The way these guys play off each other in discussing both the serious and the frivolous brings me so much joy!


Know That podcast is so entertaining! I love Donny, Quin, and Anthony together. They also bring in great guests! Xoxo


always have the best takes and banter!!! their laugh are contagious. my go to pod for all things housewives and silliness!! i’ve met them IRL before too and just as wonderful in person as on the pod!


taria who i love the chemistry of donny, quin and anthony - each person brings a unique perspective to the table and i love their thoughtful discussions that still make me LOL

Know what? THAT mama

Love these gays! And that’s on THAT!

Know this

Really enjoyed Donnie with Taria and Chelsea. I realize that I do NOT like the 3 guys together—when Donnie and Quinn are together, Donnie has these annoying inappropriate laughter outbursts almost like a domestic abuse victim. When he’s with other hosts, he’s steady, calm, and very enjoyable. Food for thought—much prefer a guys/gals combo. Thanks.

Love this Podcast!

Loved Taria’s intelligent and witty discussion on the latest (cringey)episodes. The conversations on race were very enlightening for a middle aged, white woman, who considers herself “woke”..don’t laugh! Some of the micro aggressions that were highlighted, never even occurred to me. These discussions must continue, on some platform, because white people don’t have a clue. Thank you, great work! It also had many hilarious moments :)

Nuanced, Funny, and Sometimes Shady: THE Best Bravo Housewives Podcast

Hands down, Know That is THE best Bravo Housewives podcast. Anthony, Quinn and Donny insightfully analyze not only the cast of characters but also producers, the production company and Bravo, the company itself. This 360 view generates engaging commentary and content. And it’s truly funny! Please support these men and their fledgling culture podcast takeover.


The funniest, best looking trio to hit the podcasting scene since podcasts

Yes yes okay!

I love these guys and their guest breaking down the Housewives. Just liisren!

Love it

Great pod, these guys crack me up!

love love love

Love this pod, love their guests, perfect if you like reality tv/bravo and also if you like having fun and laughing. don’t listen if you don’t like smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes yes yes

I live to hear all the povs - it makes the shows more sociologically relevant as we explore their impact on each of our life experiences. Updated 5/31/21- this show is hysterical and today I needed to laugh- delivered!! Even funnier now 🥳

The housewives podcast I’ve been waiting for!

Don’t know how I found this podcast but I’m so glad I did. Absolutely love listening to y’all. Finally a housewives podcast that I’m screaming ‘yassss’ for most of the podcast. Know that!!!


Found you from the visit to Sexy Unique Podcast SUP and their excursion into Summer House. Enjoying these boys together. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

Love the guys

Love the guys and I especially love Anthony’s impersonations. Please no more guests. Five stars.

Yes yes yes

I live to hear all the povs - it makes the shows more sociologically relevant as we explore their impact on each of our life experiences. Updated 1/7/21- this show is hysterical and today I needed to laugh- delivered!!

Wow Dads, Wow

So now you’re telling me I have a new episode with taria on deck? Oh you beddabelieve she smashed that play button and almost broke the screen baybeee Thank you for giving me life! @shopwithmiaj Ps I’ll be coming back to IG soon can’t wait to catch up there ilysm

Great interesting show!

These guys know their stuff. I love how they all have different experiences and opinions with our beloved ladies. They are interesting and funny!

My Three Dads

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiish no you did not just announce an interview with Leanne lockin!!!!!! Three kings back at it again just stuntin all over2021 yesssss draaaaaag herrrrr *triggered* @shopwithmiaj

My Three Dads

This intro is super comforting after the Club Kid situation this holiday season. Love Yee Three Kings @shopwithmiaj

Smells like Chicspital

I’ve been waiting for this episode!!!! Can’t wait to return to social and Kiki with y’all, but for now I’m so happy to hear your dulcet tones tell truths In My Phone Lylas xxxooo @shopwithmiaj

Yes yes yes

I live to hear all the povs - it makes the shows more sociologically relevant as we explore their impact on each of our life experiences

Well rounded housewives podcast

The conversations these fabulous men are having are different than your other housewives podcasts. They’re bringing in a herstory of the bravoverse but they’re speaking in the language of present day 2020. They’re smart, witty, hysterical and I highly recommend. As I listen I feel like I always want to add in a thought to what they’re saying, and then one of the boys says what I’m thinking! It’s great and I thoroughly love it. Additionally I love each of their voices, so soothing and if they needed a spin off pod cast, I could listen to Quin ready housewives quotes as I drift off to bed.


5 Stars! This podcast is my new favorite. It’s funny, lighthearted and very entertaining!


I am really impressed with this podcast. I listen to several podcasts that are related to reality shows and really wasn’t interested in picking up another one. I listened to this one after hearing them on another podcast and liked it so much I went back and listened to all of the episodes. I especially like Quinten’s commentary and find his perspective enlightening and really elevates the conversation.

Elyse Slaine Podcast

The Elyse Slaine Podcast was fabulous. We got to hear a whole new side to this phenomenal woman. Her knowledge and understanding of relationships were so on point and helpful to anyone in or contemplating a relationship. All the guys asking her questions were so awesome and enjoyable to listen to. I have definitely added this Podcast to my Top 5.

Elyse, a simple THANK YOU

I adore you! As strangers, you have only been kind and helpful. You’ve given me your undivided attention and have helped me in ways that you deserve to be praised for. Loving the podcast. Keep up the great work! -Taylor Brown Fort Lauderdale, FL

So funny!

These guys are beyond entertaining! I highly recommend everyone listen. So much fun, they know their stuff! I could listen to them for hours! @nowwesaidit

Glad I found

I follow their account Instagram and I downloaded the podcast and I am SO glad I did!! And you will be too!

These Gents Know Their Stuff

Added this pod to my rotation. These guys are funny and have VERY original insights into our favorite shows. Plus their cover art brightens up my podcast feed. Recommend!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Strong women of tv

These boys get right what other Housewife pods get wrong. Right down to the heart of each ridiculous plot point from this trash we dedicate our lives to. Thank you for your service💋💋

The Best Real Housewives Commentary!

Housewives fans! This is your podcast. Know That!

Hardworking, hysterical, listen!

These three are hysterical and so worth the listen! Whether you’re a Real Housewives fan or want to become one, do yourself a favor and subscribe and listen!

Come through with the unfiltered Housewives Tea

Love listening to this as a housewives fan. These three are hysterical and honest about their views on the ladies. Would highly recommend for anyone who is a housewives fan to give this a listen.

Oh this is GOOD!

These three have a dynamic that is so fresh & so fun! If you are looking for another Real Housewives take, look no further! These three are so funny, I look forward to listening every week!


Omg I finally found the best real housewives podcast! I’ve been searching and searching and was getting so discouraged , but not anymore - omg the best ! I’m in love 😍

You’re talking about them anyway...

If you’re this far into researching HW podcasts... just listen. You’re talking about them and listen with this fantastic new pod. Hilarious and diverse opinions. Check it out today!

A Bravo Fan Must

Hilarious! A sharp witty take on everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. #subscribed

What’s not to love?

I love me a podcast, but I am picky AF. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and the hot takes. Can’t wait to continue to listen and pretend like I am BFF.


I know nothing about the "housewives" but I LOVE this podcast!! Super funny and made me google Mary Crosby... what a mess lol

So funny!

It’s like sitting at brunch with your hilarious BFFs talking about last night’s newest episode.