Aug. 14, 2021

Shalom Alone (w/ Taria S. Faison)

Shalom Alone (w/ Taria S. Faison)

With Donny off this week, Anthony and Quin are joined by guest co-host Taria (@weigopodcast). They tackle the disastrous Black Shabbat dinner and various undiagnosed mental disorders running rampant in New York and whether production may be setting these women up to fail. In Beverly Hills, they unpack Rinna’s infuriating double standard regarding Erika as well as her unfair behavior toward Garcelle, and raise an eyebrow or two at other cast members who don’t seem to see color. Lastly, they discuss the duality of Wendy’s personality in Potomac, the confusing onion that is Mia, and the origin of the Eddie rumors.

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