Jan. 13, 2021

Surprise! No Biden. (w/ Nikki Blonsky)

Surprise! No Biden. (w/ Nikki Blonsky)

Good Morning, Baltimore! Donny, Quin, and Anthony are joined by "Hairspray" actress, singer, and host of the Nikki Nights podcast, Nikki Blonsky (@nikkiblonsky)! She catches them up on her latest projects and reveals what role she'd love to tackle in a movie musical (hint: Luann would be proud). They discuss the hypocrisy surrounding Brandi's racist video and explain why they are Team Dr. Tiffany Moon right out of the gate in Dallas, and Nikki sheds some light on if women who don't know each other are running around showing each other private body parts. In Salt Lake City, Anthony inches slightly away from the anti-Jen movement and the group ponders how Meredith's disengagement policy isn't necessarily a good long-term strategy. In Atlanta,  it's revealed that Donny is the sole co-host who was able to follow the lie about Joe Biden, which is sad for the other two, but not as sad as Cynthia's surprise engagement party. As their time together comes to a close, the guys send Nikki off by hitting her with some devastating news about Dorinda and Teddi Mellencamp.


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