June 19, 2021

Sutton Stole My Goddamn House! (w/ Zack Peter)

Sutton Stole My Goddamn House! (w/ Zack Peter)

Quin, Donny, and Anthony are joined by Zack Peter, host of the “#NoFilter” podcast. After discussing the magic that is Carlos King’s “BET Presents The Encore,” the boys crack open multiple beverages, including Zack’s Housewives-inspired rosé wine, and start in New York, where they try and unpack the 1970s talent show as well as Holla! Heather’s intentions and mistakes regarding race relations. Then they quickly buy tickets to depart to Beverly Hills, where Crystal reveals more in two minutes than Erika has in years, Dorit misunderstands the assignment, Rinna further makes the case for her departure and no one seems to have any true concern over the most important election of our lifetime. To Be Continued!

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