Feb. 17, 2021

That B**** is Maleficent! (w/ Richie Skye)

That B**** is Maleficent! (w/ Richie Skye)

After taking a walk down memory lane in disposable shoe covers, Donny, Quin, and Anthony are joined by news and entertainment journalist Richie Skye (@djrichieskye). In Dallas, they ponder an Only Fans for Stephanie and ruminate on Tiffany’s numerous social missteps during her cricket-laden pizza party. Then the boys celebrate the first part of what promises to be an iconic reunion in Salt Lake City by discussing Mary’s wisdom, Lisa’s fiery demands, and whether or not Brooks is off limits. Finally, they touch down in South Carolina, where the women prepare for Bolo and Kenya demands the support of a village whose townspeople she doesn’t respect. 


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