May 12, 2021

The Holy Drip (w/ Sasha Morfaw of “The Bravo Breakdown”)

The Holy Drip (w/ Sasha Morfaw of “The Bravo Breakdown”)

Donny, Quin, and Anthony are joined by Sasha Morfaw of “The Bravo Breakdown” this week! They discuss side-eyeing Leah at the start of her sophomore season and Sasha’s personal connection to the newest housewife over in New York before taking the train to New Jersey, where the group agrees they would watch three-fourths of a Catania spinoff and offers who should be leaving AND joining the cast for next season. In Atlanta, they decide who the winner at the reunion is (hint: it’s not us for watching) and why the tides may be turning against Porsha before finally landing in Dallas, where Kameron needs to learn to stay in her lane and Kary continues to drive everyone crazy. 


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