Aug. 21, 2021

'Twas the Gaslight Before Christmas (w/ @ohnobravo and Taria S. Faison)

'Twas the Gaslight Before Christmas (w/ @ohnobravo and Taria S. Faison)

Anthony and Quin are out for the week, so Donny invites 2/3 of the DMV Dolls, Chelsea from @ohnobravo and Taria S. Faison (@weigopodcast), to sigh and squirm about a lot of uncomfortable moments. Fortunately (?), our wives gave uncomfortable moments a-plenty this week with Gizelle and Robyn discussing Dr. Wendy's fashion choices, Ramona and Sonja making Black Shabbot about them, and the Fox Force Five gaslighting the ladies of Beverly Hills (and the audience) about Erika's knowledge of her ex-husband's case. Also, Donny makes a confession so earth-shattering that he can't make eye contact with his guests while he speaks.

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