Jan. 27, 2021

We Do The Best We Can (w/ Stephen of "Faces by Bravo")

We Do The Best We Can (w/ Stephen of "Faces by Bravo")

Grandpa Biden might already be quelling the country's uneasiness but Quinten, Donny, and Anthony are more unhinged than ever in this week's episode! They are joined by Stephen (@FacesByBravo) to discuss the Vegas-shaming in Salt Lake City, Mary's failed efforts to leave her closet, and Lisa's amaaaazing passive-aggressiveness. In Dallas, the boys discuss the dynamics in Travis and Stephanie's relationship, the burgeoning Tiffany vs. Kameron feud over chicken feet, and Kary's curious Saint-Tropez-themed birthday party before heading over to Atlanta, where they are all impressed with Drew's shade against Kenya and not impressed by Kenya's increasingly offensive antics. Buckle up!


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