April 7, 2021

You Already Knowwwwwww (w/ Pissi Myles)

You Already Knowwwwwww (w/ Pissi Myles)

Quin, Donny, and Anthony are joined by drag comedian Pissi Myles (@pissimyles)! They unpack the multiple fights happening at Dolo’s house during dinner in New Jersey, Melissa’s performative quest to stay relevant, Marge’s ability to escape fan criticism, and why Pissi hates all of these shows. Then, the co-hosts tackle Tiffany’s mama drama and Brandi’s connection to Felicity Huffman in Dallas before heading to N’awlins, where the Atlanta ladies are cookin’ and twerkin’ with the iconic Big Freedia, but Marlo just wants to serve a whole pot of MESS. 


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